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Dynabox 500 DYNAJET hetvattenpanna 500bar

Dynabox 500 DYNAJET hetvattenpanna 500bar

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Dynabox 500 DYNAJET hetvattenpanna 500bar


Dynabox 500 DYNAJET hetvattenpanna 500bar


DYNABOX 500 230V/50Hz

DYNAJETting with a system: the powerful Dynabox 500 hot-water unit, offering a working pressure of up to 500 bar (7,250 PSI), is the ideal complement for all DYNAJET Trolleys. Simply connect on the high-pressure side between the high-pressure cleaner and the cleaning tool, and, with high-pressure hot water of up to 95 °C, you will already be achieving results which are not possible with conventional cold-water systems. The other special features of the Dynabox 500 are, of course, its light weight, small dimensions and its easy-loading and easy-transportation characteristics.


  • Easy burner monitoring through integrated inspection glass
  • Control voltage supply via the normal power network
  • Long connection hose (2 m) for simple and quick connection to a trolley
  • Tank fill-level indicator
  • A high standard of safety due to flow monitor, pressure switch, safety valve and optical flame monitor
  • Compact design of the diesel burner and a high performance yield
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Large tank opening for easy filling
  • 4-wheel design with locking brake for secure positioning and maximum stability.

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